Press Release

New Business Award Announcement

Cascade Die Casting Group secures over $20M in new business awards in the last six months.

New contracts were established with several companies as follows;


  • Expansion of current customers;
    • A new appliance application will generate approximately $6M in annual sales with production beginning June, 2018.
    • A full size truck exterior mirror base contract is planned to launch in 2018 with annual sales of just over $1M.
    • Next generation CUV engine mounts planned to account for over $3M annual revenue.
  • New customer development;
    • Exterior trim contract worth just over $2.5M with SOP in late 2018.
    • Commercial applications totaling $2.2M annually and across two new customers.
    • A heavy truck application with annual sales of $3.6M and launching June, 2018.
    • Light vehicle and motorcycle applications totaling $500K.
  • Various other small contracts balancing out the new business development.


Cascade Die Casting Group is a privately held, market leader in the production of both aluminum and zinc die castings – both functional and Class A, with full TS accreditation at all locations.