Die Casting Parts

Quality aluminum and zinc die castings require effective management of metal preparation, casting and secondary equipment that is well maintained, and tooling that is properly designed and manufactured.  At Cascade Die Casting Group, Inc., we have developed world class capability in all of these areas and are proud to be a performance based die casting company. We don’t spend time talking about performance, we spend our time performing.  Quality, delivery, and overall customer service is our guiding principle – as our Mission states, we want to be your most valued die casting resource and only through consistent, long term performance can that be achieved.


Cascade Die Casting Group has 28 aluminum high pressure die casting machines ranging from 600-1600T, all of which are equiped with Visi-Trak shot monitoring capabilities to enhance process control.  Our machines have been well maintained through extensive capital investment to ensure long term capability and predictability.  Coupled with robotic automation, our production cells are designed to be cost effective with an emphasis on quality and productivity.


Cascade Die Casting Group offers 8 zinc high pressure casting machines ranging from 600-800T.  All die casting machines are integrated through automated trim and finishing operations.  With a heavy emphasis on Class A, decorative applications, our cells are designed for one piece flow to monitor and drive world class levels of throughput through final painting and plating processes.

Value-Added Processes

Beyond the casting and machining of aluminum and zinc high pressure die castings, our group offers value add, finishing operations to enhance our services.  From polish and buff for Class A applications, to assembly of sub-components, our group can offer several solutions for your casting and assembly needs.

Machining Equipment

We have developed a high level of competency in complex machining with our Precision Components Division.  We have invested in over 30 CNC machining centers in our temperature controlled facility and have the Quality lab to check and verify our processes to deliver precision machined aluminum die castings.

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