Great Lakes Division

Heartland of the Midwest

Our Great Lakes Division is located in the heartland of the Midwest and provides easy access to transportation routes that support our nations manufacturing rich areas.  Our footprint also offers us access to world class tooling sources and supplier partners that enhance our overall die casting offering.


9983 Sparta Avenue
Sparta, Michigan 49345

Phone: 616.887.1771

casting Facility Capabilities

Our casting operation includes 11 high pressure die castings machines ranging from 600-1200T and with our recent plant expansion we’re poised to add additional die casting machines for your future aluminum die casting applications. One of our key strengths is our fully automated cells that offer the most cost effective approach to cast and trimmed applications that don’t need finish machining.


As the largest supplier of mirror bases and brackets to the automotive industry, our experience with complex shapes and multi-slide tooling designs is second to none.  For high volume applications, you need to drive cost optimization through multi-cavity tooling approaches that maximize output – the Great Lakes Division had led the industry in successfully developing and launching these aluminum die casting applications.


The Great Lakes Division offers the industries most valued alloy, 380 with the use of high efficiency stack melt systems.  By focusing on this industry proven alloy that blends strength and cost optimization, we are set up to meet your high volume aluminum die casting applications.