Atlantic Division

Industry Rich Southeast Region

As our largest Division encompassing a Casting facility and a Precision Components Machining facility, Atlantic Division is located in the industry rich Southeast region of the United States.  From this location we service not only the SE region, but also most of Mexico’s industry regions.


1800 Albertson Road
High Point, NC

Phone: 336.882.0186

Casting Facility Capabilities

Our Casting operation includes 17 high pressure aluminum die casting machines ranging from 700-1600T.  We offer several different alloys with the use of stack melt systems that optimize energy consumption and allow for manufacturing flexibility.  Our finishing capabilities include vibe and/or shot blasting and finish machining at our Precision Components operation.

Precision Components Machining Capabilities

The Precision Components Machining operation employs over 30 CNC machining centers to provide fully machined and leak tested aluminum casting applications.  By having the casting and machining operations within minutes of one another, we can effectively run production and keep a closed loop feedback process from machining back to casting.  This is a critical element in managing and producing leak tight, porosity sensitive applications.


Aluminum die castings offer several advantages including near net shape, strength, and weight reduction.  The Atlantic Division has experience delivering all of these benefits with special emphasis on complex, leak tight housings and covers, thin walled electrical enclosures, brackets, and many other demanding applications.


The Atlantic Division casts four different types of alloys: 380, 383, 413, and 365.1.  Our high efficiency furnaces help deliver the right metal for your high pressure aluminum die castings.  If you have another alloy you’re designing for, contact us and we can discuss adding that alloy to meet your needs.