Die Castings Benefits

Exceptional tooling life, highly accurate dimensionally, and the most “decorative” metal on the market, zinc die castings offer advantages to drive your business forward.  With lower melting temperatures than other metals, tooling life is almost limitless as thermal cycling in the tool steel is vastly reduced as is heat checking of the casting.  These attributes make zinc an excellent, cost effective choice for high volume applications – both functional and decorative.

Additional Capabilities

Beyond the casting alone, Cascade Die Casting Group offers polish and buff for decorative applications and also offers finish assembly capability.  Consider us for the sub-assembly work that may not fit your business model – we know how to put things together for your benefit.

Value-Added Processes

With our finish assembly capability and experience, we free up our customers to focus on more value added processes in their business.  We use poke yoke’s and other approaches to make sure our assembly operations are delivering the right assembly, on time, every time.