About CDCG

West Michigan based company specializing in die casting with over 40 years of manufacturing custom engineered die cast components that ship world wide. Our parts are used in automobiles, electronic devices, appliances, recreational and off-road sport applications.


  • Monthly themed lunches at all locations
  • After work entertainment events throughout the year
  • Opportunities to participate in community service volunteer events
  • Monthly nominated Core Value winners awarded monetarily at each facility
  • Opportunities for growth and job movement within the company

Core Values

  • safety

    Lives our safety culture and encourages others to keep our safety standard high

  • hard working

    Works with energy, discipline and commitment

  • team player

    Serves and supports others and maintains a positive attitude

  • accountable

    Sense of urgency to get things done by a certain due date

  • passionate/can do attitude

    Passionate about the organization and their role

Employee Benefits

  • medical

  • FSA/HSA options

  • vision

  • dental

  • long term disability

  • short term disability

  • life insurance

  • 401K

  • paid time off

  • accident insurance

“In my over four years of working at Cascade Die Casting Group, I have had every opportunity to learn and advance my knowledge and career every day. My time working here has been filled with many challenging days, spent working with good people who care about this company and who want to see the success of every department. I am grateful for all the time and patience my coworkers and peers have shown me as I continue to grow in my career as an engineer.”


“I am very lucky to work with talented and caring individuals that not only support the work I do, but also work as team to support each other at all of our facilities. Cascade provides opportunities for growth within the company and self-improvement. The culture of Cascade is supportive, collaborative and fun! The people I work with are not only my co-workers, but also my friends!”

Lourie Boike, Sales Coordinator, 13 Years of Service

“I really enjoy my job; being able to work closely as a team with the operators on the floor, encouraging and training them so they are successful in their role. I love that the company offers training classes, giving the operators a boost in knowing the company believes in them. Most importantly the company looks out for their employees and that means a lot.”

Cat Wraight, Quality Auditor, 9 Years of Service

“I’m pleased to say that Cascade Die Casting Group has been nothing but family and cares about their work force. I have worked my way up through various position levels and the possibilities are endless. They are dedicated and willing to train people that come here to learn. I hope you join our team so you have the ability to work and experience growth.”

Channing Pegues, Die Setter Supervisor, 10 Years of Service