Engineering Design Support

Our customers rely on Cascade Die Casting Group to refine their product designs – they know what they need to make their systems and assemblies function properly, and we provide the Engineering design support to blend those needs with our process capabilities.  The earlier we can engage with your Technical teams the more cost and waste we can remove from the value stream.  Our group of highly experienced Engineers can bring years of knowledge to the discussion, and coupled with our Process Design expertise, we can optimize product and process design up front, saving you time and money.

Program Management

All projects under development are assigned a Program Manager.  As a customer, you can expect weekly timelines, open issues addressed with urgency, and assurance we’re following a regimented, Advanced Product Quality Planning process from concept design to product launch.  Our Program Managers are highly experienced and provide program guidance and leadership that today’s customers demand.

Process Design

Speed to market and effective product launch can only be optimized when the process is modeled correctly up front, and both tooling design and process design are synthesized. At Cascade Die Casting Group, we have invested in the software and systems that give us the ability to identify problems in advance, and correct them as the tooling is being designed to meet your product geometry and specifications while concurrently optimizing the casting process window. Our expertise with this technology is unmatched in the industry and gives us the ability ” to be right the first time.”