Aluminum and Zinc Benefits

The advantages of aluminum and zinc die castings as part of an overall assembly, and or system, knows no boundaries and our expertise is shared across several markets.  This diversification is another strength for us at Cascade Die Casting Group as we’re able to insulate ourselves from any single market or industry volatility.  Regardless of your final application and market, we’re poised to provide world class performance in supplying your casting needs.

Off-Road Sport

The environment for off road sport vehicles is demanding – so is the environment for the components that make those vehicles perform.  With years of experience in producing these porosity sensitive, leak tight aluminum die casting applications, Cascade Die Casting Group can help your performance improvement plans.


Sights and sounds are abundant in the Casino world and our Class A zinc die casting capabilities make things even brighter.  With the ability to cast and finish the components internally, coupled with our outstanding supplier partners who can paint or plate to your desired look, we can offer a one stop shop for all of your Class A applications.

Consumer Electronics

Speed to market and product evolution drives the Consumer Electronics industry – with Cascade Die Casting Group, we can keep pace with the speed needed to bring new products to market quickly.  Our experience in this industry spans both aluminum and zinc die casting applications.  If speed is of the essence, contact us today and we’ll help you bring that next product to market quickly and cost effectively.


The automotive market is driven to reduce weight, increase fuel economy, and improve overall vehicle safety – their preferred material to accomplish these objectives is aluminum.  Cascade Die Casting Group has been producing die castings for the automotive market for decades and our quality systems have been refined to meet world class levels for PPM as mandated by this market place.  With experience in power train, driveline, anti-vibration brackets, door handles, thin walled electrical enclosures, and decorative applications, we have the experience and know how to support your systems for the automotive market.


Appliances are designed to look good – we make the aluminum and zinc die castings that help you make it shine!  Whether it’s painted or chrome plated, we’ll help you get the look your customers demand.


We supply the die casting applications that blend appearance and function for the furniture market and have been doing so for decades. With experience in both aluminum and zinc die casting applications, call us for your next furniture application.


Surgical beds, furniture, and office accessories all take advantage of the many benefits that both alumium and zinc die castings can offer.  With our experience in all of these medial applications, Cascade Die Casting Group can offer your teams the design and manufacturing support to make sure your casting needs are safe and effective.